What is the role of HR management at COPAG?

HR is both a partner of the top management and of the employees. As such, it must play the role of guardian, in both directions. We have to be impartial towards both parties. We are in a way the instrument of the social dialogue, and we work to make the employees understand the stakes for COPAG and vice versa. To this end, communication is becoming a central aspect of our business and we will have to move towards an HR Marketing where we sell a service. This is the direction I am heading in. Of course, there may be pitfalls along the way, but the course is set. To sum up, it is a question of embodying the link between the employees, all the departments of COPAG and the different areas of expertise. The objective is to facilitate sharing and continuous learning, and to contribute to everyone being an actor in their career.

How has HR management at COPAG developed over the years?

The HR function has changed over the years, moving from an administrative function to a strategic function by creating value thanks to HR computerization. The automation of certain processes (employment contracts for fixed-term contracts, balancing of accounts, time and attendance settings, etc.) has led to a clear improvement in productivity. It also allows for the sharing of information by making it more reliable and controlling access perfectly. In this context, we opted for an HR portal (AGIRHNET). The particularity of the AGIRHNET portal is that it allows us to deliver the right information to managers and also to employees. In fact, this portal will also eventually allow managers to carry out operational reporting and to animate their respective staff without having to go to the HR department.

Any plans to further develop HR management?

Several projects are underway (training module, travel, Jobs & Competencies repository...) and others will follow (recruitment, mobility, staff evaluation, work accidents....). This cannot be done without the prerequisites, namely: the classification of personnel, the Jobs & Competencies repository, the automation of allowances linked to the function... The difficulty of implementing a salary grid that will best suit the jobs of any COPAG, is quite hard to put in place given that COPAG has several business units. The meat business is not the same as the dairy business, packaging stations, support functions and many others. Each business has its own specificities and constraints and therefore unifying a salary scale for all the businesses will not be an easy task. I accept this difficulty and this challenge and I am working on it in order to satisfy the Top Management and all the COPAG employees.

Information system currently used for HR management, its benefits and indicators?

In 2016, COPAG implemented another HR information system (AGIRHNET) by moving towards a "Zero Paper" version. This system, is more efficient, more transparent and more effective in terms of online information." Everything will be virtual and/or connected, with a focus on a telephone version (AGIRH MOBILE) for Top Management. We are also moving towards an integrated HR system for human capital that will be designed to manage all HR processes at COPAG: recruitment, training, payroll management, administrative management, etc. To this end, AGIRHNET allows structuring, automating and homogenizing the tasks or modules that we want to implement.

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